sounds to broadcast
I see, so I see so

My computer of 6 years and 30K songs has died. It’s the end of an era and a temporary halt to sounds to broadcast. Oh well. Thank-you all for listening. Stay tuned…you never know what might happen.

Pentangle - Hunting Song
1,963 plays

"Hunting Song" by Pentangle from the album Basket Of Light (1969)

Luboš Fišer - Friends
317 plays


Luboš Fišer - Friends (Valerie and Her Week of Wonders, 1970)

Nico - Sixty Forty
31 plays

"Sixty Forty" by Nico off the album Drama Of Exile (1981). Thanks to capturedunderhypnosis for cluing me into this incredible song.

David Axelrod - The Smile
201 plays

"The Smile" by David Axelrod from the album Song Of Innocence (1968)

Piero Umiliani - White Sand (ext.)
29 plays

"White Sand" by Piero Umiliani from the soundtrack Il Corpo (1974)

Daphne Oram - Rotolock
59 plays

"Rotolock" by Daphne Oram (year unknown)

Belbury Poly - The Hidden Door
45 plays

"The Hidden Door" by Belbury Poly (2009)

The United States Of America - Where Is Yesterday
99 plays

"Where Is Yesterday" by United States Of America (1968)

John Cameron - Underlying Expectancy
159 plays


“Underlying Expectancy” by John Cameron (1972)

mort garson - baby's tears blues
19 plays


mort garson - baby’s tears blues

Alain Goraguer - Ten Et Tiwa (La Planete Sauvage: An Original Soundtrack Recording)
1,825 plays


Alain Goraguer - Ten Et Tiwa (La Planete Sauvage: An Original Soundtrack Recording)

Kim Jung Mi - Wind In The Trees
390 plays

"Wind In The Trees" by Kim Jung Mi (1973)

Mellow Candle - Heaven Heath
441 plays


mellow candle - “heaven heath” (from swaddling songs, 1972)

Lesiman - Confronto
55 plays

"Confronto" by Lesiman (1974)